Warmly congratulate Suzhou Fifth Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. website officially launched

2018/02/02 15:26
 Suzhou No. 5 Factory Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (former Suzhou No. 5 Pharmaceutical Factory) was founded in 1962. The company was initially engaged in production of eye drops and tincture agents during its startup period. Since 1965, it has been officially dedicated to the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients and pharmaceutical intermediates.
After decades of hard work, the company has had total assets of about RMB 200 million, a land area of more than 120,000 square meters, and annually produces and sells more than twenty types of active pharmaceutical ingredients, more than forty types of pharmaceutical intermediates and supporting solid oral dosages.
    In 2001, the company took the lead in passing the GMP certification issued by the former State Drug Administration (the current State Food and Drug Administration). In the same year, the company completed the overall restructuring to form a limited company co-funded by a number of natural persons. In 2003, the company also passed the certification of ISO14001 Environmental Management System.


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